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Visits for Dogs

Our dog visits are one of our most popular services as they are perfect for such a variety of people's needs!  Any time when your dog must be home alone, and wants company, with or without a walk, visits can be tailored to your needs.

There are many reasons you may find a dog visit would suit you and your dog.  Here are just a few of the motivations our client's have for booking a visit:

Are you going out for the day to a place your dog is not able to go or is not invited? To London or the beach, to friends or to a wedding?

Do you have contractors in and are concerned that your dog will be worried?  A check in to have some personal company or to let them get out of the house for a bit works wonders!

Have you got children?  If you're off on a field trip, a birthday party or is it just overwhelming?  A visit can entertain your dog and alleviate the stress of 'doing it all'!

Working from home can be exhausting with a puppy, and not very productive!  A visit will let you get on with some work and your puppy's play time doesn't have to end!

Or are you just working in general?  Can't make it home for puppy's lunch, or have a business dinner that clashes with your dog's supper?  Come home to a happy and fed dog with no puddles to worry about!

Trying to save money and know of a good place to walk nearby?  An hour visit is cheaper than an individual dog walk, there is no riding in the van (for dogs that are afraid of the car), and dogs fond of routine can walk their 'usual' route.

Puppy Visits (Pre-Vaccinations)

Do you have a new addition to your family?  Then you know how important it is to get them off to the best possible start.  If your puppy is alone during the working day, that can be a very long day for a young animal.  We offer visits during the day, from every couple of hours for the very young, to every four hours for older puppies, which can then evolve into a full walk as the dog grows, gets stronger, and is socialised.  Please note that we request that your puppy remains up-to-date with vaccinations, and that we cannot take them off your property for walks prior to seven days after their second/final set of vaccinations.  We are happy to spend time with them in your garden or home however.  Please contact us for a puppy-to-vet vaccination pet taxi deal if you struggle to find time! Oliver, a blenhiem cavalier king charles spaniel puppy runs across a patio towards the camera, ears flapping


Puppy Visits (After Final Vaccinations)

Willow, a red cocker spaniel, lies down facing the camera, her eyes wide.

As puppies get older, along with garden play, we can start incorporating short walks directly from your home.  These short walks allow them to explore their environment, get used to wearing a collar and lead, and improve their social skills.

We can also practice recall (on lead), as well as reaffirming and repeating their sit/down/stay training in the great wide world outside!

Visits can also include their midday meals, a light snack, or a kong toy.  In good weather, we can take their food into the garden and have a scatter-feeding 'picnic' as a brain game.

Visits are also great for puppies that are still suffering from seperation anxiety, or for truly cuddler dogs they allow plenty of one-to-one interaction.

Essentially a nanny for young dogs!  Your dog gets some light learning, a whole lot of play, and plenty of affection to help them become well rounded adults.

Freya, a black and white cocker spaniel x poodle lies down, looking backwards at the camera

Monty, a golden retriever puppy sits on a patio looking towards the camera


Adult Dog Visits

Suki, a red long-haired chihuahua, sitting on a doormat, looks up at the camera during an Armadillo Pets dog visit.

Dylan, a cream labradoodle also looks up in a seperate photo.

Benji on a dog visit walking in Alice Holt Forest near Farnham


Puppies and senior dogs are not the only ones to benefit from our dog visits - they truly do suit all dogs, as you can see from the photos!

For adults, they are great if your dog is unsure of the car (all roads lead to the vets!), are not keen on other dogs, or if you simply do not wish to leave them alone for longer than they are used to.  For dogs with small bladders, who are energetic and need a play partner, or who get distressed when their feeding routine changes.

Harvey, a visla, enjoys the wind in the fields on an Armadillo Pets dog visitPippa, a jack russell, walks towards the camera

Bertie, a wire-haired miniature dachshund plays with a tennis ball during a dog visit

Dillon, a spaniel cross, yawns with his tongue hanging out.


Senior Dog Visits

Older dogs often enjoy having company during the day while their owners are at work, this, combined with potential bladder control problems makes our senior dog relief breaks the solution to their needs and yours.  However, they may not be capable of going on a full walk, and so we are happy to visit your home to offer gentle play, petting, and either (or both!) access to your garden, or a short, laid back ‘lite’ walk, where they can relieve themselves and get a change of scenery.

With each individual, we are able to customise a fun packed experience with play, ongoing training matching your methods, toilet breaks, and plenty of fussing, petting and TLC just as you would!

Sam, a cream coloured golden retriever stands in the garden enjoying his Armadillo Pets dog sit.


Dog Sitting

As dogs are pack animals, they can become stressed when left alone for long periods, so if you plan to be away for more than one night, we strongly recommend checking your dog into a good quality kennels rather than leaving your pet on its own.

However, for short-term periods, we can offer dog sitting at your home, which includes 4+ hours in the late evening, and 2+ hours in the morning, thereby avoiding leaving the animal alone for any longer than typical family life.  This service is only offered on a single night, and for the purpose of helping those in emergency situations.  Our opinion of ‘emergency’ includes circumstances such as sudden hospitalisation of family members and return flight (or other transport) delays that cannot be covered by the kennel you have booked your pet into.  In this case, we can also include a pet taxi to return your pet from the kennels to your home.

During the time we are with your pet, they will be fed, walked, given toilet breaks, and all the attention and cuddles they would normally get from you.  Please contact us for a quote for this service.  We fully understand the unpredictability of such emergencies as caring for elderly relatives and delayed flights, and so we are also happy to offer you a contingency quote so that you can be prepared, and know that, should a problem arise, you can concentrate on the emergency, not shopping around for the best price.

Home-from-home Dog Boarding

In the future, we hope to offer single-household dog boarding where we will care for the dog(s) on an individual basis to provide a home-away-from-home experience.

I would be interested in home-from-home dog boarding, and would like to hear more if it becomes available from Armadillo Pets.

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