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Our visiting service is for ad-hoc daily visits, whereas our Pet Sitting service is for longer term holiday care.

We appreciate that all people spend time away from home, and sometimes need to leave their pets behind.   If you are going off for a day , for example at a beach that is not dog-friendly, up to London to see a show, or any other of the myriad of occasions where your pet will be left on their own, you may find our visiting service useful.

You may not want a full-on walk for your pet, so instead we offer Dog visits both during the daytime and evening for all dogs.  These are especially good for seniors and puppies, allowing them to step outside, have their dinner on time, and have some fuss.  More about our specialist dog visits can be found here.

In addition, for small pets, we offer our distinctive ‘Clean-a-Cage’ service where we visit your home to do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’, clean your small pet’s cage.  Pricing is on application (according to cage size and complexity), but we offer this service to all small furries, from rabbits down to mice, both indoor and outdoor cages of any size.  We provide pet safe disinfectant, as well as our own equipment.  This service can be offered daily, twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly, or ad hoc, to suit your needs.


As part of our ‘Clean-a-Cage’ programme, we also sell safe substrate in manageable quantities.  A lot of small pet owners would like to benefit from the cost effectiveness of buying large packet sizes of substrate and bedding, but have nowhere to store them.  So instead, we store the large quantities, and decant it into smaller containers.  We then visit your home according to your pet’s cleaning schedule, and swap your empty container for a full one.  For this, we just charge for the item and the petrol – no extra fees, so passing the savings on to you.

The corner of a glass tank filled with a hamster nest made from shredded cardboard, paper flakes, and j-cloth nesting materials, complete with white dwarf hybrid hamster with grey ears and guardhairs


For this we currently offer: Aubiose (hemp-based), Fitch (paper-based), and Finacard (cardboard based).  We also offer Softnest paper flakes (made by Finacard) which are great as nesting material for all small animals.

If there are any other products you would like to see us stock, please contact us, and we will see what we can do!