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Pet taxi

There may be times when your pet needs to get to the vet, or our boarding facility, but you cannot get them there.  For this, we provide a pet taxi service that will collect your pet, take them to their destination, and if required, bring them home again.  Great for taking the pressure off getting your pets, stress-free, to our home-from-home boarding, groomers or routine check ups at the vets!  They are even great if you want your dogs to go into kennels or cat into a cattery, but are leaving earlier, or simply want to avoid the stressful rush - instead let us know, and your pet will be collected and transported calmly and securely, and returned safe again the day you arrive home, saving you the extra days boarding, and having to work your travel times around opening hours.

Armadillo Pets is equipped with a pet friendly vehicle complete with secure, sturdy, small pet carriers in a variety of sizes for dwarf hamsters to cats, and crates for dogs up to large adult labradors.  All carriers are hard-sided with vet bed, blanket, towelling, or a soft bedding substrate depending on the pet being carried.

This service might also be a help for those who are less mobile or elderly.  Or even those who don’t own their own car – we all know how problematic taking pets on public transport is, let alone taxi companies!  Whatever your motivation or your pet’s destination, do contact us!

A photograph of three pet carriers with a cat carrier on the right, a top opening carrier on the left suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and other larger small pets, and a smaller top opening carrier in front suitable for hamsters, mice, and other smaller species.

In Farnham, our local vets are: Castle Vets, Cathcart and Winn, Companion Care (at Pets at Home), Nine Mile Vets, and Waverley Vets (at Shortheath and The Bourne).  We also are happy to help with transport to Ash House Vets and Cathcart and Winn in Aldershot, Ashworth Vets in Fleet, Lemon Grove Vets in Bordon, Waverley Vets in Beacon Hill, or any other local or specialist vets.