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Small-Holding Sitting

If you run a small-holding, you might be concerned about what to do should you need to leave your home for a holiday, or to visit family.  Sometimes there is no-one local that you trust, or feel you can ask to care for your animals.

Alice has had experience with hoof stock and waterfowl including chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, pygmy goats and sheep through working at Beale Park in Reading.  She has also completed the Goat Husbandry course at the Buttercups Goat Sanctuary in Kent (which is highly recommend to anyone interested in keeping goats!), which gave instruction on feeding, housing and supplementing, as well as practical workshops on hoof care and drenching.

Armadillo Pets is happy to offer a small-holder sitting service, including feeding, maintaining and refilling drinkers and troughs, catching-up, and cleaning of cages.  We are also happy to collect eggs from your laying birds as required.

The needs of each small-holder is different, so please contact Armadillo Pets for a quote and to discuss your personalised sitting plan.

Eric and Ellie, the white ducks