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Exotic Pet Sitting

Alice has experience with a range of exotics, and currently owns an African pygmy hedgehog as part of her own menagerie, and has worked in zoos and sanctuaries in the UK and USA caring for a wide range of primates and other exotics such as skunks, meerkats and lesser tenrec.  Armadillo Pets has also cared for bearded dragons, Rankin’s dragons, geckos, tortoises, turtles, iguanas, and snakes right here in Farnham.

Armadillo Pets is happy to look after any reptile, amphibian, exotic species of mammal, or primate, and will consider almost any species of invertebrate.

For large exotics, it is often impractical to move cages and vivariums for boarding purposes, and so we offer our pop-in sitting service to those for whom boarding is not practical or desirable.

For an additional 50p per day, we can provide live food for your pet in the form of locusts, crickets, cockroaches, mealworms, butterworms, waxworms and calci-worms, and can source other more unusual varieties.  We are also happy to care for your own livefood tubs as part of your pet’s care.


Leo, a leopard gecko enjoys a home visit from Armadillo Pets

Pipsy, a green iguana, sits in a bath of water during a pet sit  
George, a tortoise, clambers towards the camera Two Rankin dragons, Sheila and Roxy, eat from a bowl in their vivarium