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Pet Sitting

When going away it can be difficult to find someone to care properly for your small pets.  While you can convince a friend to spend five minutes topping up food and water, any good pet owner realises that this is barely enough, even more so with the more specialised requirements of some species.

We offer pet sitting for all small pets, from gerbils to guinea pigs, geckos to goldfish, goats to geese – and those are just the Gs!  Armadillo Pets can help with whichever small pet you own, in their own cage, in your own home – keeping their routine exactly the same to minimise stress, for a customisable amount of time and number of visits per day to suit your needs.

We will also take in post, open and close curtains, water household and patio plants, and put bins out for collection, all inclusive of our standard rate.  Larger gardens and greenhouses will be subject to a supplemental rate depending on their size.  We leave a daily log for your return so you can read about your pet’s activities, and can also send text messages or emails to keep you updated during your time away.
We offer discounts for households with multiple pets, so do contact us for a quote.

Our prices are based on the time spent caring for your pets, and are set into three time bands.

Short Visits

Great for those with a small amount of pets!  This service includes time allocated to feeding, offering fresh water, cleaning litter trays and small pet cages, as well as plenty of cuddles!  Brilliant for those needing frequent cleaning-out such as rabbits, or a few attention-loving pets.  We suggest this service to owners of one cage if full cleans are required, or up to three cages if cleaning is limited to litter trays, bowls, bottles and wheels.  This service generally covers up to six small pets.

60 minutes

Fabulous for those with plenty of pets, or for pampering human-loving animals!  As well as feeding, watering and cleaning cages, this time lets us give your pets free-time in playpens or free-range, games, and training – not to mention a lot of attention and cuddles!  Choose this service if you have more than one cage that needs cleaning out, or up to eight cages if cleaning is limited.  This service generally covers up to 15 pets.  This is perfect for those with collections of reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates that might not need as much in the way of ‘cuddles’, but need careful feeding – or those with pet rats that are used to free-ranging time!

These are available to mix and match.  You may want 30 minutes in the morning just to feed, but 60 minutes in the evening for cuddles and clean outs.  All combinations are discounted – the more visits per day, the more you save!  If you would like more than two visits, please contact us for a personal quote.

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