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Small Pet & Exotics Boarding

Here at Armadillo Pets, we not only pet sit, but we also offer a boarding service.  We have a number of habitats, suitable to take different species, as well as space to bring your own cage.

There are many wonderful reasons to board your small pet with us here at Armadillo Pets:

We have a calm garden, surrounded by gardens and protected from road-noise.

Our boarding prices includes substrate, bedding, and fresh fruit and vegetables as suitable for your pet.

We also provide all essentials for your pet's stay, except for dried food, as part of our price.  We don't include dry food, as there are many different brands, and swapping without warning can cause upset tummies and distress.  You are welcome to bring extras such as favourite toys, treats or other items to help make it feel like home - we've even had litter trays brought to aid comfort!

Hygiene is a top priority.  All bedding, food bowls, water bottles or bowls, and litter trays are changed regularly.  We use veterinary grade cleaning products and disinfectant spray for your peace of mind and the safety of your pet.

We also handle all animals daily (if appropriate), and can maintain your usual routine.  We have playpens with toys for small rodents, as well as exercise balls as appropriate.  For unsure animals, we come to visit them (rather than force them to come to us!), and for more confident individuals, we welcome cuddles and exploration!

Hamster boarding otherwise known as a hamster hotel - showing a silky golden haired syrian hamster inside one of Armadillo Pets' hamster cages


Small Pets

We have cages in sizes suitable for Syrian hamsters, Chinese hamsters, all species of dwarf hamster, gerbils, and mice, as well as more exotic species such as african pygmy hedgehogs!  Or we have space for you to bring larger enclosures for visiting rats, degu and chinchilla.  No matter whether it is a single animal, or a colony, if you’d prefer to board we can provide a suitable environment.

We offer a range of substrates, including Aubiose (hemp-based), Fitch (paper-based, similar to Carefresh), Finacard (cardboard-based), and mixed combinations of these.  We also use Finacard's papelit pellets in our litter trays, which we use with our own animals too, to be assured of their suitability!  We are happy to offer your pet whichever substrate and litter they prefer, otherwise we use up to date opinions from reputable, and specialist, online forums to select the best option for your pet.  We believe that woodshavings have a negative impact on the health of small animals, which, combined with its quick-to-dirty and lack of ‘dig-ability’ for tunnelling rodents, mean we prefer to use more appropriate materials as a cage base.

We can provide hay, and keep good quality timothy and meadow hays in stock.  We can also source alfalfa hay and oat hay at your request for no additional charge.

In addition, we have paper-based nesting materials, igloos and tunnels, chew sticks, balls and jingly toys.

Brown, ginger and white guinea pig on a grey and grass background.  Part of Armadillo Pets' previous cavy pet boarding in Rowledge.



Reptiles & Amphibians

Currently, we provide reptile and amphibian boarding on a bring-your-own-cage basis.  We can accommodate vivariums up to 5ft in length, and provide electricity outlets for ceramic heat emittors, UV bulbs, moon lights, heat mats, spot lamps, foggers – as many sockets as your pet requires.

We also provide care for your live food at cost (fruit, vegetables, kibble, etc), or can offer you a range of live food for 50p per day.  We keep standard mealworms on site, but can also source locusts, cockroaches, crickets, morio worms, mini mealworms, waxworms, butterworms, and calci-worms.  This service also includes calcium and/or Nutrobal for dusting.

Reptile boarding - George the tortoise sits on aspen bedding during his stay at Armadillo Pets in our boarding room. Reptile boarding - a picture of a wild morph Leopard gecko called Leo peering out of her brown cave hide while staying with Armadillo Pets during her holiday. Reptile boarding - turtle called 'Big' sitting underwater in her tank, facing the viewer, staying at Armadillo Pets, with weed in the background.