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George the tortoise is on the explore! Ducking around in the sunshine! 'Fairly sure it is your turn to chase me!' says Monty, 'I have the best bit of stick ever, and I know you want it!' 'Are you here to feed me' asks Winnie. We can also let chickens out in the morning, and tuck them into coops at night! We can replenish drinkers, feed pellets and scatter corn. Mini size, big heart, desire to lick you into submission...sounds like Suki! Polo and Blonde lounge in the shade during the summer. Slightly blurry Chester, but that smile is just too big not to include here! Off on a walk in the Bourne with Griff. 'What do you mean this soft hay is for the guinea pigs tea...' says Puff as he gets comfortable. Lazy days dog visits with Dillon. Monty waits for a tasty treat. Limbering up and practicing our stretches before heading out for a walk! Benji being very attentive on Rowledge Rec. You'll never guess...we love playing fetch her at Armadillo Pets! Willow practices her down-stay on a puppy visit. Coconut enjoying our pygmy hedgehog boarding, and ready for her afternoon cuddles! Puppy care with Willow is always fun when everything is a toy! Zeus loving the sunshine in Alice Holt Forest. Puppy sitting deserves a Percy Hi-Five! Bramble might be a working cocker spaniel, but he knows that working outdoors is the best (no cubical farms for him!) Dillon is ready for his close-up! Puppy visits include reinforcing your training - sit, lie down, roll over! Hello pretty-kitty Hattie! Chester and Benji show teamwork - how else would they get entire trees back to the car park! Jimmy relaxing in the shade. Sam enjoys his midday 'relief' break. Puppies need frequent walks - when you're not there, we can be! Arthur enjoys beetroot in bed! Orinoco, one of our visiting pygmy hedgehogs.  We do seem to be getting a great reputation for hedgehog boarding, which is fantastic, we love the spiny bundles of cuteness! Playing with Pede during a cat sit! Going away for a long day out, don't leave your dachshund without an Armadillo Pets visit!  Long days and long dogs don't mix! 'Ear rubs! Ear rubs now!' says Mittens. Curious Leo the leopard gecko. Zeus practicing his recall! After his litter box being cleaned, Tiggy enjoys human company and cuddles. Big and Little the female Map Turtles that came to stay over the holiday season. Wilma wondering what might be in the rustling packet...Treats perhaps...Indeed they are! Gracie in his sparkly Christmas collar. Captain and Squeak, rat boarding with us at Armadillo Pets over Christmas 2012. Our 'Clean-a-cage' service can be tailored to any size of cage.  Tanks, hutches and wire cages, as well as converted cages such as detolfs, C&C, x-pens and sheds. Phoebe eagerly awaiting her tea during one of our dog visits. 'This walk is awesome!', says Dudley, 'I'll let you walk me again if you like!' Reptiles, such as Titch the Rankin's Dragon, are welcome in our boarding facility. Off on a walk with Dudley round Alice Holt Forest on the Hampshire side of Farnham. Guinea pig (cavy) boarding just outside of Farnham at Armadillo Pets.  For both indoor and outdoor guinea pigs. Guinea pig boarding indoor or outdoor includes access to an 8x4ft run daily. We offer pet sitting for all species, but our specialities are small pets, exotic species and small-holdings.  Here is Thundercloud the rescue dwarf hybrid hamster.