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Which areas do you cover?

Our main areas of operation are Farnham and the surrounding areas.  This includes all areas within five miles of Upper Hale, including: Badshot Lea, Boundstone, The Bourne & Lower Bourne, Crondall, Dippenhall, Dockenfield, Ewshot, Frensham, Hale & Lower Hale, Heath End, Millbridge, Rowledge, Runfold, Seale, The Sands, Shortheath, Tilford, Tongham, Weybourne & Wrecclesham.  Our boarding clients travel from further afield such as Fleet, Leatherhead, Vauxhall in London, and even Harpenden!

Are you insured?

Yes.  Our insurance covers Armadillo Pets to professionally walk dogs, and care for your pets and small-holder stock.  We are covered by Cliverton Insurance, and the policy covers public liability*, care custody and control of your pet, as well as loss of keys and lock replacement.  We are licensed to walk a total of six dogs at any one time – although we will only ever take a maximum of four to ensure they get the plenty of attention!

* We are not currently covered for pets that are licensed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and 1984.

Can you provide references?

Yes, all references, including the ones that appear on our website, can be viewed in their original format.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept BACS, cash, card, Paypal and cheques*.

* Cheques below £100 are subject to a £2 handling fee.

What is a meet and greet visit?

Our meet and greet visits are a free, 30-60 minute visit.  These visits are typically in your home and are an ideal opportunity for you and your pets to meet us, and to talk about their normal daily feeding, sleeping and exercise routines, as well as vet details and medication needs.  We also welcome visits to our boarding facility for any future boarders!  The visit will also include information on Armadillo Pets’ education and experience, insurance documentation, police checks, as well as offer an opportunity to discuss how our pet care solutions can best meet your needs, and answer any questions you might have.

Every new client must have a pre-visit before booking – they can be at your convenience, and ensure we can offer the very best care for your pet.

What do you do in case of emergency?

We always discuss this during our meet and greet visit and make sure we know exactly what you would like us to do if anything happens while your pets are in our care.

This includes having an emergency contact, such as a relative, friend or neighbour, and the contact details for the veterinary practice where your pet is registered, as well as a suitable vet within Farnham for your pet’s species if you travel a longer distance for our pet boarding.

In the event of an emergency, after assessing the situation as non-life threatening, we will attempt to call you to inform you of the situation.  If we cannot reach you or your emergency contact, and medical attention is required, we’ll take your pet to your nominated veterinary practice or, depending on the circumstances, the nearest veterinary practice.

For life-threatening emergencies, we will attempt to contact you as soon as it is appropriate to do so without endangering your pet.  For these times, we put first aid and veterinary attention top of our list, just as we’d like our own pets to be treated!

Our dog walkers are experienced in first aid, and carry pet first aid kits while on walks, and keep a back-up human first aid kit in our vehicle which contains additional supplies.

Do you have bank holiday surcharges?

Partly – we don’t charge extra for most holidays, just a few!  Pet care visits scheduled on the following dates are charged at twice the standard rate: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.  Boarding pets stay the same rate if their stay is over these days – for drop offs and collections on Christmas Eve (before midday), New Years Eve and New Years Day, we charge twice the standard rate for that day, and the rest of your pet’s stay is as normal!  We are closed for drop off/collection of boarding animals between midday Christmas Eve and the 27th of December.  Full terms and conditions are available at the meet and greet visit.

Do you offer any of your services at weekends and after hours?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss your needs.  Please note that our Sunday visits are charged at one and a half the standard rate.  Saturdays and evenings are our standard rate.  Full terms and conditions are available at the meet and greet visit.

What did you mean by 'visits'?

A ‘visit’ is any time we visit your home.  This could be for dog walking, puppy and senior dog relief breaks, pet sitting, small-holder sitting, and our pet taxi.

Do you let dogs off the lead?

Yes, but only if they have a reliable recall.  All animals need exercise to remain fit and healthy, and dogs are no exception to this!  Their needs change with age, as well as varying depending on breed and size, but they all require some space to exercise.

To exercise your dog off-lead we prefer to walk your dog for one week (five days) to assess recall and get them comfortable with taking instructions from our walkers.  After this, if we are confident with your dog, and you are happy for us to allow them off their lead, then we will, provided you give written consent.

For dogs with poor or unpredictable recall, or if you prefer to keep them on-lead, we have a selection of tape flexi leads and long-lines for use once away from the road, so they have the space to explore, sniff and move, without the worry over their well-being.  Also good for energetic but blind or deaf dogs – our own dog was all three, he loved to run but was blind and deaf, so using lengthy leads allowed him to have an ‘off-lead’ feeling, while having the security of not losing his human.

Do you only walk dogs?

No, Armadillo Pets offers home visits for small animals, exotics, small-holders, birds and fish.  We can also visit your home to offer puppies and senior dogs relief breaks with time in the garden, short walks, or plenty of affection as they need.  We also offer boarding for small animals and reptiles in our specialised pet room in Upper Hale.

Do you house-sit?

Yes and no.  We offer both night sits and ‘working-day’ sits during the off-peak season.  Night sits must be used in combination with our other services, and act as an ‘add-on’.  They are between 10pm and 10am, and we spend the night in your home.  Good for people with pets as well as those that wish to give their home a ‘lived-in’ look while they are on holiday.

Our ‘working-day’ sits give your pets the same routine as during the average working day.  We arrive at 5pm, feed, clean litter trays and cages, walk dogs, and give your pets plenty of attention.  We then spend the night, and leave in the morning at 9am.

We can only offer off-peak season house-sitting as during the school holidays (peak season), we frequently have pets boarding with us.  It would not be fair on customers paying boarding rates if we left their pets overnight, and the cost for house-sitting would be prohibitively high for our house-sitting customers if we set our rates to cover the loss of boarding income.

We highly recommend booking early for house-sitting to ensure we are available to help.

Could you give my pets their medication?

We are insured to offer vet prescribed medication.  We have experience with eye drops, and giving tablets (crushed or whole), however we are unable to give insulin injections.

How long do your pet visits last?

Our visits are set on a sliding scale.  Our shortest is 15 minutes, suitable for chicken and fish feeding.  We also offer 30 minute visits, suitable for small pets and exotics, and one hour visits, suitable for those with more pets, or pets that enjoy human company.  Each time is calculated to provide plenty of time for feeding, watering, administering medication, cleaning litter trays and cages, comfort breaks, games, cuddles and training.

If you are unsure of how much time you might require, please contact us and we are happy to advise you.

How many times a day can you visit?

As many times as you like!  Our only stipulation is that your pets are attended to at least once a day – less than this means that problems may go unnoticed, such as a water bowl tipping over, a boiler break-down causing there to be no heat, or health problems not being picked up quickly.

We offer discounts if you would like multiple visits on the same day, such as for pets needing to be let in and out, or twice-daily feeds!

Do you pick up after the dogs?

Yes.  We take the policy of scooping poop seriously.  Our dog walkers carry bags with them, and pick up after your dog (where appropriate) whilst in our care.

Will I meet my dog walker/pet carer?

Yes.  This is one of the main benefits of choosing a small company such as Armadillo Pets.  Your meet and greet will enable you to talk to the person who will be caring for your pet, as well as allowing your animals to meet them as well!

Do you only accept well-trained dogs?

No, we accept nervous, shy and boisterous dogs on our one-to-one individual walks.  In fact one of the reasons why people choose Armadillo Pets is that our walks can often help with training.  However, we only accept dogs with no history of dog-to-handler aggression.  We only accept sociable dogs with no history of dog-to-dog aggression on our group walks however.

How many dogs do you take on a walk?

We offer one-on-one dog walks to ensure that your pet gets the optimum amount of exclusive attention.  We can expand this to include multiple dogs from the same household to give good value for money for those who have more than one.

Please note that we are licensed to walk a maximum of 6 dogs at any one time, however we believe that four dogs on a walk ensures each animal gets personal attention, and so we put our personal limit at four when the walk is not combined with a visit.

For sociable dogs, we also offer group walks where your dog can be walked with dogs of a similar size and ability to ensure comfortable and safe play for all.

Where do you walk the dogs?

We walk in varying locations to keep walks interesting and fun.  Farnham Park, Alice Holt Forest, Rowledge Rec, Frensham Common, Wrecclesham Rugby Grounds and Rec, and the Bourne Woods!  We also offer exclusive dog walking direct from your home.

How much notice do you need from me before you can care for my pets?

Provided you have had your meet and greet visit, you should email or call us to check availability, and if we can help, we will.  However, advanced booking is always recommended and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your needs at short-notice.

If you are a new client, we require at least 48 hours of notice to allow time for a meet and greet.

Do you have a cancellation policy?


For pet visits and boarding we ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure the dates you’ve asked us to visit your home, or your pet’s accommodation in our boarding facility. 
For cancellations that are notified to us 48 hours prior to the start of the booking period, all fees including the deposit, will be refunded, or held over for subsequent bookings.  The deposit will not be refunded for any bookings that are cancelled between 48 hours and the date of arrival.

For dog walks we ask for full payment on the first dog walk of the week (typically Monday), or on the first day of the month.

For cancellations that are notified to us five days prior to the cancelled day or end of service will be refunded in full.  25% of the payment will not be refunded for any bookings that are cancelled between 48 hours to five days, 50% of the payment is lost between 48 hours to 9am on the scheduled day.  If you cancel after 9am on the scheduled day, we reserve the right to charge full price dependant on circumstances.

How much do you charge?

Our services are tailored to you and your pet’s needs, but our price list can be found here.  We are happy to offer help in choosing your needs via email, phone or at our meet and greet.  After our free meet and greet visit consultation in your own home we offer a no-obligation, all-inclusive quotation to suit your specific needs with no hidden extras.

What about keys?

For services that occur in your home, such as pet sitting, dog walks and visits, keys can be collected during the initial meet and greet.  If we need to pick up your keys at a later date, we charge £5 for each visit.

For safety, we request that each customer has two sets of keys on file.  If you cannot provide two sets, we are happy to make a second set, at no cost to you, which will be included when your own copies are returned.

What security measures do you have?

We take security very seriously and have a number of measures in place to protect both your pets and your home.

We recommend that we retain a set of your keys in our ‘EasyKey’ service.  This not only saves you money, but is advisable just in case you are delayed getting home or are called away in an emergency and we are asked to make extra visits.  We have also had clients who have locked themselves out of their homes, so this is an ideal, secure and readily-available method for keeping a spare set of keys for such eventualities.

If we need to collect your keys at a later date, or you would like your key returned at the end of service, we charge £5 for each visit.

When keys are not in use they are held in a fixed safe with an electronic combination lock.  We never attach addresses or telephone numbers to keys and our identifying codes are kept in a separate and secure location to ensure that your keys cannot be connected to your name or home by anyone but Armadillo Pets.