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Dog walking

Dudley, the black labrador dog, out for a walk in Alice Holt Forest just south of Farnham in Surrey.

No one likes being cooped up all day, least of all dogs.  A dog has a desire to socialise and play, and so needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Our service is therefore ideal if you work, need to go out for the day, or cannot walk your dog for any reason.

We offer two dog walking options, individual or social walks.

Our individual walks allow us to give your pet our undivided attention, and are great for dogs that are unsure of other canines.  Our one-on-one dog walks can be either regular, or occasional to fit in with your needs, whether they are five days a week, once a week, or sporadically!  We offer walks of 30, 45, and 60 minutes to suit your dog's energy levels and leg length!  Individual walks are also great if you have more than one dog as there is a discount for two dogs walking from the same family.

Our regular social walks contain up to four dogs from different households (or up to 6 if they are all from the same household!), and involve lots of fun and games.  Our pack walks are all 60 minutes long and take place Monday to Friday.

Using the wooded and park areas found locally, Armadillo Pets aims to give your dog a stimulating, enjoyable and energetic walk in a pleasant environment.  We use short leads for walking near roads for safety.  Once away from the road, we have tape flexi-leads and long-lines for dogs with recall difficulties, or for dogs who have learnt this command we are happy to allow them off-lead (subject to one week on-lead walking to test recall, and a signed waiver that you, the owner, are happy for your dog to be walked off-lead).

We have a range of balls, Frisbees and safestix (Kong’s alternative to sticks, designed to prevent splinters and mouth and throat injuries in dogs).  We also carry hypo-allergenic dog treats which are wheat and dairy free – according to research, approximately 20% of dogs have an allergy, 10% of these is caused by food, the most common being beef, dairy and wheat!  This is why we always use hypo-allergenic treats for your pet’s comfort – but it also helps that they are very tasty too!

For puppies, elderly or infirm dogs, or dogs that are unsure of going in the car/van, individual sessions can be tailored within our puppy and elderly dog visits, so please see our Visiting page for more!

Chester the black Labrador-Boxer cross on an Armadillo Pets dog walk in Alice Holt Forest

Armadillo Pets - Bella the black Labrador-cross on a walk at Farnham Park



We require all dogs on our dog walks to be vaccinated against Distemper, Canine Infectious Hepatitis and Parvo Viral Enteritis, as these are all life-threatening diseases.  We also recommend that dogs are vaccinated against Kennel Cough (infectious bronchitis), as this is a highly contagious disease affecting all ages of dog.  These vaccinations are for the protection of all dogs in our care, so you can be sure of the health of your own pet while they are out with us. 

Please be aware that we will need to see your dog’s vaccination certificate during our initial consultation.

Maple the catalan sheepdog puppy enjoying a walk at Weybourne Nature Reserve outside Farnham


Fleas & Worms

For public health reasons, we also request that you de-flea and worm your dog prior to using our services.

Aggressive dogs

We cannot accept dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs or people. If we feel your dog is dangerously aggressive we have the right to terminate your contract immediately.

Armadillo Pets social dog walks in Farnham are great fun! Chester and Benji, two dogs, carry a long stick between them while running.