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Out for the day - how about an hour dog visit to help pass the time! Leo the leopard gecko pokes her nose out of her hide while staying with us at Armadillo Pets Afternoon's always go quicker with a visit from Armadillo Pets! George the tortoise is on the explore! 'Did you mean to wake me up...' asks Arthur. 'Are you hiding a treat under there...' asks Monty in a very hopeful voice! Ducking around in the sunshine! 'Fairly sure it is your turn to chase me!' says Monty, 'I have the best bit of stick ever, and I know you want it!' Peek-a-boo chicken! 'Are you here to feed me' asks Winnie. Armadillo Pets' cat sits allow your precious kitty (like Winnie) to stay in the comforts of their own home while you're away! We can also let chickens out in the morning, and tuck them into coops at night! We can replenish drinkers, feed pellets and scatter corn. If you own chickens, you can still go away on holiday with Armadillo Pets' in-home pet sitting care! Mini size, big heart, desire to lick you into submission...sounds like Suki! Polo and Blonde lounge in the shade during the summer. Slightly blurry Chester, but that smile is just too big not to include here! Off on a walk in the Bourne with Griff. Sweating through your coat...must be an Armadillo Pets' Big Boys Dog Walk! After running around like looneys for an hour, it is far too hot to walk the last 100 yards back to the van to go home! Monty and Griff think treats are worth coming back for! 'Dari, yummy yum yums!' says Arthur. 'What do you mean this soft hay is for the guinea pigs tea...' says Puff as he gets comfortable. Lazy days dog visits with Dillon. Monty waits for a tasty treat. Jake might be a senior boy, but he still loves the attension of a cat sit as much as a kitten would! 'My turn for cuddles' says Chester. Arthur loves staying with us, the treats are tasty-delicious! 'They tell me dog noseprints are as individual as fingerprints', says Harvey, 'I look unique to you' Dexter and Stella, getting ready for our walk! Can-can move is optional! Everyone loves novelty, which is why we bring our own toybox on dog and cat visits, so there are always fun games to play! Limbering up and practicing our stretches before heading out for a walk! Rope toys are great fun, especially ones we can play fetch with and tuggy! Benji being very attentive on Rowledge Rec. You'll never guess...we love playing fetch her at Armadillo Pets! Willow practices her down-stay on a puppy visit. Practicing sit-stay with Harvey, who's awaiting the command to free him to go, go, GO! Playing spot-the-Beagle in Alice Holt Forest with Zeus! Coconut enjoying our pygmy hedgehog boarding, and ready for her afternoon cuddles! 'You are such a show off Stella!', says Dexter Puppy care with Willow is always fun when everything is a toy! Need evening wee-breaks for a dog that loves attention...cuddling in the garden in the dark, check! Zeus loving the sunshine in Alice Holt Forest. Puppy sitting deserves a Percy Hi-Five! Playing in the mud with Harvey at Wrecclesham Rec. It has been a very muddy winter in 2013-14 so far! Older or a short-legged dog who prefers a lower intensity walk - we can do that! Enjoying the breeze on the old Wrecclesham rugby ground. Exotic pets like hedgehogs, like Orinoco here, find a home-from-home boarding experience at Armadillo Pets! If your dog is a water lover then don't worry, we carry plenty of towels! Playing with Duckie, the quacky girl who lives in our doggy toybox! 'Ball for a treat...seems fair', thinks Percy. Bramble might be a working cocker spaniel, but he knows that working outdoors is the best (no cubical farms for him!) Dillon is ready for his close-up! Puppy visits include reinforcing your training - sit, lie down, roll over! Everyone's coming to see how fabulous Armadillo Pets' Cat Sitting is! Wilma and Gracie playing 'hot lava' outside.  Can't touch the grass, you'll get muddy paws, so you must carefully jump from slab to slap, balancing precariously if necessary! Relaxing in the sunshine is so much nicer than being stuck inside crossing one's legs! Hello pretty-kitty Hattie! Chester and Benji show teamwork - how else would they get entire trees back to the car park! Jimmy relaxing in the shade. Sam enjoys his midday 'relief' break. Woody the Chinchilla chin-chilling out. We provide in-home dog visits for senior dogs that just need a lunchtime leg-stretch to break up a long day alone Juvenile dogs love our dog visits, breaking up their day into bite-sized chunks to avoid destructive behaviour and accidents Pumpkin enjoys the sunshine while boarding with Armadillo Pets. Relaxing in a run here at Armadillo Pets with Reg the rabbit! Puppies need frequent walks - when you're not there, we can be! A gorgeous sunny day for dachshund walking! Arthur enjoys beetroot in bed! 'What do you mean you can see me...' says Kitty the chinchilla Reg enjoys the constantly accessible outside runs at Armadillo Pets Orinoco, one of our visiting pygmy hedgehogs.  We do seem to be getting a great reputation for hedgehog boarding, which is fantastic, we love the spiny bundles of cuteness! Beautiful girl, Mebe, the Burmese cat enjoying the social aspects of an Armadillo Pets Cat Sit. Playing with Pede during a cat sit! Going away for a long day out, don't leave your dachshund without an Armadillo Pets visit!  Long days and long dogs don't mix! 'Ear rubs! Ear rubs now!' says Mittens. A curious Mebe on the stairs. A hard life being a cat, having to wake up mid-afternoon to check on the pet sitter! 'You can come in if you like' says bunny boarder Sweep To test recall in our doggy clients, we use a long-line to get them used to more freedom.  Chester is performing admirably at this! Wanna lick your chin!! Mittens and Monty playing chase! I have a stick! D'Artagnian helping us out while cleaning his field on one of our small holder sits. After a hard game of fetch, sometimes it is good to sit down for a cuddle. We also pet sit for alpaca! Highly Suspicious Beagle on a walk in Alice Holt Forest near Farnham All rabbits enjoy the freedom of choosing to be inside and out during the day (and night in warm weather) with our attached rabbit runs! Harriette exploring her holiday accomodation (otherwise known as our rabbit boarding run!). Curious Leo the leopard gecko. Tea time Gracie! Tea time Wilma! 'I see you', says Leo, the first leopard gecko we ever pet sitted for! Small beagle, long tongue! Nugget's favourite place to snuggle is up sleeves with her head poking out.  Warm, cosy, and facing the right way for offered snacks! Out in Alice Holt Forest for a walk with Chester Popcorn all snuggled up in a cosy blanket. Have a miniature wire-haired dachshund, love our dog visits! I came, I sat...I can have snacks now! Zeus practicing his recall! Armadillo Pets Bunny Boarding in the Snow 'Chester, come here!' (recall training as part of our dog walks). 'Off I go again!' says Smartie as he moves to conquer the middle of the sitting room. I dare anyone to say no to this face.  Charlie the two-year-old Labradoodle loved his New Years Eve visit, with plenty of Laughing Dog treats! We spent New Years Eve 2012 with Cooper the boxer.  He loved the company, and kept calm during the fireworks. After his litter box being cleaned, Tiggy enjoys human company and cuddles. Relaxing on the floor is also a rabbit necessity.  Smartie has chosen the classical CD collection corner, proving his sophistication! For the friendly rabbit our boarding includes lap time, petting, and conversation (in rabbit, of course - nobody laughs at a nose wiggle chat here!) House rabbit Smartie exploring the Armadillo Pets' living room for the first time - I wonder what is around the next corner! Tiggy awaiting his dinner. The lovely two-year old Chester, sitting on command. Popcorn enjoying her evening cuddles. 'Are you doing something exciting...I want to see!' says Squeak Big and Little the female Map Turtles that came to stay over the holiday season. 'It can't be that much further!' pants Dudley Captain enjoying his home-from-home boarding by relaxing between bouts of exploring the mountainous computer chair! If you like unusual pets, but also enjoy going away on holiday, we can help! Here is one of the Map Turtles that visited during the 2012 holiday season. Wilma wondering what might be in the rustling packet...Treats perhaps...Indeed they are! Gracie in his sparkly Christmas collar. Bathtime for pygmy hedgehogs!  A rare shot of her not trying to kill the 'nasty' towel! Captain and Squeak, rat boarding with us at Armadillo Pets over Christmas 2012. Captain and Squeak exploring their boarding cage after arriving to stay with us over Christmas! Dudley in between games of tag during one of our dog visits to his home. Off on a walk with Dudley.  Too cold to show off our Armadillo Pets uniform (horray for coats!), but we did meet Coco the black lab in Alice Holt Forest today! Boadicea, our African pygmy hedgehog is our company mascot, helping other exotic animal keepers to find pet boarding and sitting in the GU9, GU10 areas and further! Thundercloud hoping for treats during a clean-a-cage visit. Off into the great expanse of Alice Holt Forest with Dudley.  Very quiet here today! Our 'Clean-a-cage' service can be tailored to any size of cage.  Tanks, hutches and wire cages, as well as converted cages such as detolfs, C&C, x-pens and sheds. Our dog sitting visits are great for if you're away for the evening.  Here is Bertie waiting for his evening meal! Phoebe eagerly awaiting her tea during one of our dog visits. 'This walk is awesome!', says Dudley, 'I'll let you walk me again if you like!' Truffle and Maple enjoyed staying in their own home while their owner went away.  As he was going early and returning late, our pet sitting service also saved him money. Chinchilla sand is available to our visiting pygmy hedgehogs, as well as for other species that enjoy it rolling in it to clean their fur. Reptiles, such as Titch the Rankin's Dragon, are welcome in our boarding facility. Off on a walk with Dudley round Alice Holt Forest on the Hampshire side of Farnham. Guinea pig (cavy) boarding just outside of Farnham at Armadillo Pets.  For both indoor and outdoor guinea pigs. Guinea pig boarding indoor or outdoor includes access to an 8x4ft run daily. Dog walking in Alice Holt Forest with Dudley, the Black Labrador. We can offer suggestions for dwarf hybrid hamster diets that are low in sugar to give them a longer life.  Here is Nimh, enjoying her varied diet. Exotics such as Boadicea the African pygmy hedgehog are welcome at Armadillo Pets, whether it is for pet sitting or boarding. Dudley the Labrador out for a walk in Alice Holt Forest, just southwest of Farnham. We offer pet sitting for all species, but our specialities are small pets, exotic species and small-holdings.  Here is Thundercloud the rescue dwarf hybrid hamster. We have a range of pet carriers for use while your pet is boarding with us, or if you'd like to use our pet taxi.  Great for getting small pets to the vet. We offer rabbit boarding in our luxurious bunny lodge, right here in Rowledge. Tumble enjoying a walk at the Devil's Jumps in Churt in Surrey with Armadillo Pets.